Trevor Bauer Accuser Says He Admitted He Uses Spider Tack Before Sex Encounter

Remember just before Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer started receiving attention for being accused of assaulting and battering a woman? He was at the center of one of the most controversial stories in MLB history. Once a player known for speaking out against the use of sticky substances by pitchers and the unfair advantages they confer, Bauer’s balls were sent for testing by MLB back in April.

In April, 2018 Bauer accused Astros pitchers of using Pine Tar.

In May 2018 he told Sporting News

“It’s not something that (MLB wants) to address. It’s not something they want public. It’s part of why there’s been such backlash on me making it public,” he said. “No one wants to talk about it, but it needs to be talked about, especially as teams use this information more and more to evaluate players and sign players and stuff like that. It creates a massively unfair playing field.”

In February 2020, he told HBO’s “Real Sports” that about 70 percent of MLB pitchers apply something sticky to the ball. “It needs to be talked about more because it affects every single pitch. And it’s a bigger advantage than steroids ever were,” Bauer said. “Because if you know how to manipulate it, you can make the ball do drastically different things from pitch to pitch at the same velocity.”

Then in April, several of Bauer’s ball were taken for testing during and after the Oakland Athletics game against the Dodgers. The balls had visible markings and were sticky.

In June, Bauer began heckling Rob Manfred and MLB on social media, doing video demonstrations showing himself getting balls to stick to his palms with just sweat and rosin. He even ran surveys on Twitter asking whether he should be suspended for using legal substances such as the ones he demonstrated with.

Fast forward and Bauer, who became somewhat of a poster boy for the sticky substance scandal quickly faced an overshadowing of sorts when the dark cloud of an assault and battery allegation surfaced and a Judge issued a temporary restraining order against him.

Over the past few days, Bauer faced his accuser in court. The young woman had consented to have sex with the Dodgers pitcher on two occasions but claims he took their rough sex game too far and treated her like a rag doll. “He was treating me like I wasn’t a human being,” she said as she detailed being choked out and punched in her private regions, claiming the alleged physical abuse continued when she was unconscious, without her consent, and she woke up feeling sick and scared. Bauer claimed he only participated in consensual rough sex encounters and stopped when she asked him to.

But when she was on the stand, the accuser also detailed their hours long conversation before one of the sexual encounters and said under oath that Bauer had spoken to her about how he uses Spider Tack. The baseball related allegation got lost among the graphic details of the rest of her testimony. However, it is a reminder of how drastically Trevor Bauer’s normally outspoken and rambunctious persona has shifted over the past two months. He’s no longer the poster boy for the sticky substance scandal, as his future in professional baseball hangs in the balance.

Ultimately, Bauer did gain a victory in Court. The Judge decided not to grant a restraining order against Bauer ruling that he did not represent a future threat to his accuser. Restraining orders are generally reserved for people in domestic relationships like spouses, dating couples and relatives. Bauer and his accuser only met on two occasions for sex. The accuser claimed she had hoped for a relationship beyond that with Bauer which is why she went along with the rough sex games. She says she didn’t expect he would take it as far as he did. The accuser sustained bruising, black eyes and other visible injuries and the damaging pictures were publicly released.

In the meantime, MLB has extended Bauer’s administrative leave to August 27th. He is reportedly under a pending investigation by Pasadena police according to representations made in court by his attorney.

The Dodgers have made statements indicating their extreme concern over the allegations made against Bauer and MLB pronounced a zero tolerance policy for any domestic abuse or sexual assault. MLB’s discipline policy defines sexual assault, in part, as engaging in a sex act with someone while they are unconscious. When someone is unconscious they cannot legally consent. If MLB believes Bauer’s accuser’s allegations then it can suspend him under the policy. But Bauer could also face further suspension under MLB’s new sticky substance enforcement policy. The latter would depend on findings from the lab. It’s unclear whether the Dodgers will want to move on from Bauer and what team, if any, would want him moving forward. Bauer maintains his complete innocence and has not presently been charged with any crime.