Tony Buzbee responds to Rusty Hardin’s Press Conference, Defends Deshaun Watson Accusers

Tony Buzbee has responded to Rusty Hardin’s press conference. Listen to a part of that response here. To hear more, subscribe to our substack . This audio interview is property of and may not be reproduced, distributed or copied without the permission of LOJ, or it would be a violation of the law. A link to this article with attribution is permitted.

Read the actual alleged text messages from Ms. Lawson, the woman that Deshaun Watson’s attorney said is being looked into for an alleged extortion attempt HERE. Ms. Lawson has not been charged with any crime and the FBI did not confirm or deny any such investigation into her or Watson. Lawson is accusing Watson of a potential felony in her civil lawsuit, saying he forced her to commit oral sex on him. Watson adamantly denies the allegations.