Tiger Woods Says Greg Norman Must Resign As LIV CEO In Order For LIV Golf And PGA Tour To Have A Working Relationship

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Tiger Woods shared his thoughts on the tensions between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, and explained what he believes must happen in order for both leagues to form a working relationship.

Woods believes that LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman must step down in order for LIV and the Tour to ever begin working with one another.

When asked whether the PGA and LIV can work together, Woods replied:

“Right now as it is, not right now, not with their leadership, not with Greg (Norman, LIV CEO) there and his animosity towards the Tour itself. I don’t see that happening. As Rory (McIlroy) said and I said it as well, I think Greg’s got to leave and then we can eventually, hopefully, have a stay between the two lawsuits and figure something out.”

Woods continued, citing the lawsuits filed by both leagues and proposed that both LIV Golf and PGA Tour consider changing its respective leaderships.

“They’re suing us first and we countersued them, so they have to back off the table … and then we’ll have a place to talk, but their leadership has to change as well. If that doesn’t, then I think it’s going to continue to go down the path that it’s going right now.”

The PGA Tour recently filed a countersuit against the Saudi-backed LIV Golf, in response to the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against the Tour. LIV Golf is being accused of allegedly interfering with the contracts of PGA members by starting a recruitment campaign.

In the countersuit filed by the Tour, the campaign allegedly involved LIV paying PGA Tour players “astronomical” amounts of money in order to entice them to breach their contracts with the circuit “in an effort to use the LIV Players and the game of golf to sportswash the recent history of Saudi atrocities and to further the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s Vision 2030 initiatives.” The Tour also claims that officials from LIV Golf had informed its players that agreements made with the PGA Tour could not be enforced.

Originally, LIV sued the PGA alleging anti-competitive behavior in trying to prevent its members from participating in LIV tournaments with threats of discipline and banishment from the Tour.

Norman, who is known around the world of Golf as the “Great White Shark”, has won more than 90 tournaments worldwide, including two Open Championships. Additionally, he holds the distinction of defending his No. 1 position in the world golf rankings for 331 weeks, the second-longest reign in history.

As one of the most prolific players in the game’s history, his career culminated in a massive achievement in 2001 when he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame with a higher percentage of votes than any other inductee in history.

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