Search Warrants Issued For Deshaun Watson’s Instagram Account & Cash Apps Shed Light on Possible Charges

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Court filings indicate that search warrants requested by police were approved by a Judge back in October to allow authorities to get access to Deshaun Watson’s Instagram account and Cash apps, as part of the evidence gathering process. Police are investigating at least nine complaints from women against the Houston Texans quarterback. The women who filed the police reports make up less than half of the approximately twenty-two accusers suing Watson civilly with allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

The three search warrants indicate that police are investigating indecent assault, which is a misdemeanor charge. However, details from police reports indicate cash payments were allegedly made by Watson to many of the women and some of those women are accusing Watson of forcing them to perform oral sex on him. He has denied the allegations.

According to attorneys for both Watson and the accusers, the FBI is also investigating, though the nature of the investigation is not clear. Recently we reported that the attorney for the majority of the accusers said that prosecutors told one of his clients they planned to go to a Grand Jury in December but more likely in January to present a case. It will be up to the Grand Jury on whether to vote for an indictment and recommend charges.

The search warrants include details from police interviews with many of Watson’s accusers and the exact amounts he allegedly paid some of them. The police are also seeking access to deleted social media messages from Watson’s accounts. A Judge approved the three warrants, which all listed indecent assault as the charge being investigated, back on October 19th. This enabled police to access Watson’s electronic accounts which would provide documentation of payments made to the women as well as any conversations leading up to the encounters and afterwards that could shed light on the veracity of their claims.

The warrant regarding Cash App gives police access to a ton of information, including transaction recipients, account holder records, such as history statements and IP addresses, transactions descriptions and the location of his devices dating back to Sept. 1, 2019 through Jan. 1, 2021.

Investigators can also access his social media platforms including, chat logs, “friends,” “followers,” and “following” lists, messages, text and multi-media messages in spam, archived and ‘other’ mail folders and his search history from Sept. 1, 2019 through Jan. 1, 2021.

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