Santa Clara Judge Rules Cain Velasquez Is Allowed To Compete In Upcoming Wrestling Event

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After finally being granted a release on bail, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez had another ruling go in his favor on Tuesday. A Santa Clara County judge ruled that Velasquez is permitted to participate in the upcoming Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide wrestling event. The event will take place next Saturday on December 3rd in Tempe, Arizona.

In order for Velasquez to travel, the judge has temporarily waived his house arrest. However, the 37-year-old will be expected back no later than December 4th. Additionally, Velasquez will be required to take a law enforcement officer with him and such arrangements will have to be paid for out of pocket. The District Attorney’s office expressed its reservations during Monday’s and Tuesday’s hearings when it learned that Velasquez will have his GPS monitoring device temporarily removed.

Velasquez was released on bail after his attorney, Mark Geragos, argued to Judge Bocanegra that the fighter’s son needs him, and he is not a danger to an alleged child molester named Harry Goularte, who is himself free on bail. Goularte is the man that Velasquez claims sexually molested his 4-year-old son. Prior to being released on bail, Velasquez had been detained since February 28th after he was accused of shooting into Goularte’s vehicle.

Velasquez had previously been denied bail on three separate occasions, and is facing several charges, the most serious one being an attempted murder charge. Velasquez is accused of pursuing a car containing Goularte, his mother and his stepfather, shooting at the car and striking Goularte’s stepfather in the arm with a bullet.

Goularte’s mother Patricia Goularte allegedly ran a daycare out of her home that Velasquez’s son attended. Velasquez claims that Goularte’s adult son Harry allegedly had sexual contact with children, including his son, in the daycare. During last week’s hearing police relayed that Velasquez told them that his son was not the only child that Goularte had allegedly abused.

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