Report: Miles Bridges Files Restraining Order Against Accuser, Claims He Is Being Harassed

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Free agent NBA player Miles Bridges has alleged that the woman who accused him of domestic violence is continuously harassing him. Bridges recently filed for a restraining order against her. In filed court documents, Bridges claims the accuser, identified as Mychelle Johnson, has shown up at both his home and place of residence three different times since he accepted a no-contest plea deal.

A no-contest plea means that the defendant is accepting the conviction without actually admitting wrongdoing to the criminal charges. Bridges entered the plea to his three felony domestic violence charges on Thursday. As a result, two of the felony charges were dropped against Bridges and the player is now on a three-year probationary period. Bridges also avoided any jail time. The no contest plea was entered in L.A. Superior Court.

The first dated instance of harassment allegedly happened on October 12th. Johnson is accused of randomly showing up through a side gate to an Airbnb that was being rented by Bridges, with their two children. The NBA player said he ran inside his home to avoid contact with Johnson due to the active protective order. After alleged failed attempts to get inside, Johnson allegedly left the premises with both of their kids and Bridges’ pet dog.

The second incident allegedly happened on October 31st at approximately 2:30 AM. Johnson allegedly followed the player home after he was seen leaving a lounge. Bridges claims the woman was sitting in his driveway, and refused to leave until about six hours later. The third incident took place on November 5th, when police reportedly had to get involved to remove Johnson from Bridges’ property after she allegedly refused to leave from the front of his house on her own.

During his probation period, Bridges will be required to complete a year’s worth of domestic violence classes, a year of parenting classes, take weekly drug tests (with marijuana only permitted with a prescription) and complete 100 hours of community service. Additionally, Bridges was issued $800 in fines and prohibited from owning any type of firearm, ammunition or any other type of dangerous weapon. The player is also banned from any type of contact with his ex-girlfriend.

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