Report: Michigan Defensive Tackle Mazi Smith Allegedly Transporting Glock 19 & 3 Mags of Ammo At Time of Arrest

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Michigan defensive tackle Mazi Smith was arrested on the morning of October 7th after being stopped by police for allegedly traveling more than 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Now more details about the arrest are emerging in sworn testimony from law enforcement.

Detective Jon McDonagh of the Ann Arbor Police Department told a Judge that Smith was transporting a Glock 19 handgun with three magazines containing 30, 24, and 15 rounds at the time of his arrest, according to sworn testimony on November 30th inside a Michigan courtroom.

MLive first reported the additional details of Smith’s arrest.

Smith has been charged with a felony count and accused of violating Michigan’s concealed carry law.

The arresting officer asked Smith if he had a gun after he reportedly noticed him trying to shift something around inside the vehicle. Smith cooperated and disclosed that he did have a gun on him and exited his vehicle without any incident. McDonagh testified, that Smith allegedly had two magazines in his pocket and a 24-round magazine with a Glock gun behind the seat.

While the gun was registered to Smith, he allegedly did not have a valid permit, according to police. Smith’s lawyer said Smith was trying to get his license and has since received it.

Smith played against Indiana the next day.

“Mazi was honest, forthcoming and cooperative from the very beginning and is a tremendous young man,” Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said in a statement last week. “He is not and never has been considered a threat to the University or community.”

Smith was not suspended or disciplined and Coach Jim Harbaugh commented on that decision recently during a media availability, defending the move.

“That’s a decision that’s made by our athletic director, Warde Manuel, and our president, Santa Ono, and myself, all who know Mazi Smith and the kind of person that he is and the trust he’s built up in our program,” Harbaugh said.