REPORT: Battery Case Against Saints’ Alvin Kamara Delayed Until October

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Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Monday marked the day of running back Alvin Kamara’s court date concerning the felony battery charge he received back in February. Lead writer for SaintsNews, John Hendrix, reported to have seen the star running back present for padded practice on Monday for the Saints. “Pete Werner is back. So is Bryce Thompson and Juwan Johnson. Alvin Kamara is also out here,” Hendrix said in a tweet.

Las Vegas Investigative Reporter David Charns stated on Twitter that none of the four defendants, including Kamara, were present during today’s court. All of their attorneys were present, and all allegedly requested a 60-day status. This marks the third time this year that Kamara’s case has been postponed. Legal Analyst Amy Dash states that the odds of Kamara playing week one against the Atlanta Falcons increases due to the delay, pending any discipline handed down by the NFL.

Kamara was arrested over the 2021 Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is facing felony battery charges that could result in the star running back serving jail time, if tried and convicted. Police have claimed that the altercation between Kamara and the alleged victim was caught on surveillance video.

The video allegedly shows Kamara putting his hands on the victim’s chest to prevent him from entering the elevator, and the victim pushing Kamara’s hands away before Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons punched the victim in the face knocking him unconscious. Police also say that Kamara punched the alleged victim up to eight times.