Relocation Policy Is Not A Contract, Biased St. Louis Judge Got It Wrong in Rams Relocation Lawsuit, But NFL Still May Have Acted Fraudulently, LOJ Founder Says

League of Justice Founder Amy Dash is shocked by the recent language from a St. Louis Judge calling the NFL’s internal relocation policy a legal contract between the team and league with the City of St. Louis and the Stadium as intended third party beneficiaries.

The opinion came as part of the Judge’s denial of a motion by the League for summary judgment to prevent the case from moving to trial. As of now, the case seems to be heading that way unless there is a settlement. In the meantime, Rams owner Stan Kroenke and several other owners and League officials have been ordered to hand over extensive financial documents.

The suit brought by the St. Louis, the county and the Stadium asks for damages heading into the billions of dollars in damages for the NFL allegedly misleading the city into expending money to keep the team in St. Louis when the owners had allegedly been plotting to relocate to Los Angeles for a while.

The case reminds Dash of when the city of Oakland tried to sue the League federally over a relocation of the Raiders to Las Vegas and the suit was practically laughed out of court when a Federal Judge said Oakland had no standing to sue over the league’s internal bylaws. While Dash does not agree that the relocation policy is a legal contract she does think there is a strong case against the League and Rams’ ownership for fraud.

She discusses why with St. Louis’ local Fox reporter and radio personality Charlie Marlow.

Check the full discussion out below.