Police Say Cain Velasquez Was Chasing Down Man Accused of Molesting Child Relative, in 11 Mile High Speed Chase

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Cheryl Evans/The Republic

Cain Velasquez, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has been charged with attempted murder after authorities claim he shot one guy with the intent of killing another man who was accused of assaulting one of Velasquez’s close relatives who is a minor.

On February 28 at approximately 03:14 in the afternoon, San Jose Police Officers responded to a shooting into an occupied vehicle at multiple locations including Monterey Road and Bailey Avenue in San Jose, California, County of Santa Clara.

A reporting party called and stated a vehicle had been shot into. Prior to the call, Morgan Hill Police received two similar calls for service.

San Jose Police Officers arrived on scene and contacted the victim vehicle, described as a Chevy Silverado, in the area of Madrone Avenue and Hale Avenue. San Jose Fire Department was on the scene and provided medical treatment to a man named Paul Bender.

The victim vehicle had three people inside at the time of incident. Bender was in the driver’s seat, while another victim, Patricia Goularte was in the rear passenger seat, and Harry Goularte was in the front passenger seat.

The investigation revealed that Velasquez, driving a black Ford F250, allegedly pointed a gun at Harry Goularte and fired a gun at him at Cochrane Road and Butterfield Blvd in Morgan Hill.

Victim Harry Goularte was recently charged with molesting a close relative of Velasquez and was out of custody on bail/SORP.

When the automobile neared the intersection of Bailey Avenue, Velasquez was able to close the distance and rammed the Silverado with his Ford. Witnesses #1 and #2 also described witnessing the suspect vehicle ramming into the victim’s vehicle.

When police arrived on the scene, they say the victims were able to identify the suspect, former UFC fighter Cain Velasquez. Morgan Hill Police say they located and recovered a 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun in Velasquez’s vehicle which was loaded with 9 bullets in a 10-round magazine and another magazine was located in the console which contained 3 bullets in a 10-round magazine. Police say two spent casings 40-caliber casings were found on the front passenger seat of the car. The firearm was legally registered to Velasquez, who was served with a Gun Violence Restraining Order before being booked into county jail. According to the District Attorney’s office, he will be arraigned Monday after an initial court appearance on Wednesday.

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