NFL Tells Judge It Wants To Move Flores Lawsuit To Arbitration

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the NFL informed a Federal Judge in New York that it intends to try to have former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores’ race discrimination complaint settled through arbitration.

A motion to compel arbitration would be unlawful, according to Flores’ attorney, Douglas Wigdor, because the arbiter is League Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Judge Valerie Caproni decided on Monday to rule on that section of the case before moving on to the main point of the complaint, which is about the league’s alleged discriminatory hiring and firing of Black coaches.

The judge also urged both sides to open settlement talks. Both parties declined.

NFL executives have asked Flores – and his two co-plaintiffs, Ray Horton and Steve Wilks – to meet with them to discuss the key concerns in the case and how the league can remedy them, according to the league’s Chief Counsel, Loretta Lynch. Wigdor stated that they would be willing to meet with the NFL, but only if an impartial third party was present.

Flores’ lawsuit’s first arguments are similar to those in another current NFL legal action, in Nevada, which was filed by former Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden. The league is also attempting to resolve the matter through arbitration rather than court.