MLB Lockout Continues; New Rules Implemented For 2023

Syndication: Palm Beach Daily News

As we’ve reached day 95 of the MLB lockout, there is no set date to start back up and discussions seemed to stall out last week. Now, fans wait desperately by their phones for even a sign of hope that the games will be played this spring.

Yesterday, it was reported by MLB insiders that the MLB and MLBPA agreed to ban shifts, implement a pitch clock & make the bases larger in 2023. This is a positive sign, as most fans seemed happy with the decision.

A pitch clock seems to be the most controversial area of discussion, as some former and current players have been for it and also against it. The goal of the pitch clock is to speed the game up. The MLB tested this in single A ball last season, and games were cut by 20 minutes.

MLB Network’s Jon Heyman says that the players union agreed to a 12-team postseason but would at least consider a 14-team option: 5-game 1st series, seed No. 1 gets bye, seeds 2/3 start with “ghost” wins vs seeds 6/7 (up 1-0). MLB prefers 14 teams but has said no to five game 1st series and ghost wins.

Both the MLB and MLBPA continue to negotiate for a new CBA, with talks to resume soon. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred canceled the first two series of the season last Tuesday after talks stalled.

The MLB has said they want four weeks of spring training before the season begins and could cancel another batch of games should the two sides have talks stalled again.

MLB spokesperson Glen Caplin told ESPN, “We were hoping to see some movement in our direction to give us additional flexibility and get a deal done quickly. The players’ association chose to come back to us with a proposal that was worse than Monday night and was not designed to move the process forward. On some issues, they even went backwards. Simply put, we are deadlocked. We will try to figure out how to respond but nothing in this proposal makes it easy.”

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