Meet Jets’ La’Mical Perine’s Lil Bro Austin: The Seven-Year-Old “President” on a Mission For Good This Holiday

Austin Perine is no ordinary seven-year-old. When Austin was four, he and his dad were watching a documentary on pandas. After seeing a mother panda abandon her baby panda, Austin asked his dad what was going to happen to the baby. Austin’s dad said the baby panda would probably be homeless for a bit, which concerned Austin. Austin’s concern led him to continue asking questions. Eventually, Austin asked, “Are people homeless too?” And that’s how it all began. On Friday, December 17, League of Justice’s Social Justice Reporter, Morgan Chall, had the opportunity to sit down with Austin and learn more about his efforts to feed as many homeless people as possible.

At only four-years-old, Austin began feeding homeless people in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Wearing a red superhero cape, superhero “President Austin” shows love as he feeds Burger King chicken sandwiches to hundreds of homeless people. Due to the cost of supplying chicken sandwiches weekly, Austin’s dad told him he had to choose whether to use his weekly allowance for toys or for chicken sandwiches. Four-year-old Austin decided to keep feeding the homeless in lieu of buying toys for himself. Check out this cute video below, where Austin brings sandwiches to the needy & watch peoples’ reactions!

When Burger King discovered Austin’s mission, they followed his lead and donated as many chicken sandwiches as Austin needed to continue his mission. Burger King isn’t the only one inspired by Austin’s mission. La’Mical Perine, former Florida Gator and current running back on the New York Jets, and Austin’s greatest role model, also thinks Austin’s work is amazing. La’Mical supports his little brother’s mission by accompanying him on trips to feed the homeless. Austin says La’Mical encourages him by saying, “Hey bro, you’re doing a good job!”

Even though Austin and his family moved to Dallas, he continues his efforts feeding homeless people. There are approximately 3,351 homeless people in Alabama and 27,229 homeless people in Texas. In February, Austin plans to take his mission back to Alabama, specifically, the hometown of one of his inspirations, Hank Aaron.

On Friday, February 4, the day before the Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL, Austin will be leading a group of NCAA football players and other volunteers in his mission to feed the homeless. The Senior Bowl is an annual college all-star football game that will be played on February 5, 2022 at the conclusion of the NCAA season. La’Mical participated in the Senior Bowl while playing at the University of Florida.

Austin got to see firsthand the impact his advocacy has beyond providing a stranger a warm meal. He told League of Justice that one man he fed, soon managed to get into a warm apartment in Birmingham.

Austin isn’t just a superhero in public, he’s quite the star in the classroom and on the field too. In school, math is Austin’s favorite subject, evidenced by his straight A’s. The second grader is also a star football player, baseball player, wrestler, boxer and sprinter.

He wears a necklace with the number 44, which is Austin’s baseball number, and the same number legendary Hall of Fame baseball player Henry “Hank” Aaron wore. This past February during Black History Month, Austin visited the Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum in Mobile, Alabama. Inspired by Hank’s resiliency and talent, Austin says, “I am thankful for his sacrifices, long live Hammerin’ Hank Aaron.” 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” With aspirations to one day have as great an impact on society as Dr. King (and to someday be the President of the United States), Austin’s advice to kids and adults who want to get more active in the causes they care about is very similar to the late Dr. King’s.

“If you know something is the right thing to do, don’t let anybody stop you from doing it. Just do it!” the young leader confidently says.

This Holiday Season Support Austin’s mission by donating to his GoFundMe here to help him feed the homeless and do other charitable acts. And as always, Austin reminds you ‘don’t forget to show love!’