Marcell Ozuna Agrees to a Pre-Trial Diversion Program, Avoids Jail Time

Marcell Ozuna was arrested on May 28th in his Sandy Springs, Georgia home after a physical altercation with his wife. Ozuna was originally charged with Felony Assault — Strangulation and Simple Battery. As Amy Dash and I reported on July 29th, Ozuna’s felony charge was reduced down to a misdemeanor Simple Assault — Family Violence charge. Ozuna was scheduled to appear in court on August 9th, but his court date was delayed until today — September 9th. Now, Ozuna has entered into a Pre-Trial Diversion Program that lasts for six months, but could be completed after three if he completes his obligations early. Ozuna is subject to anger management courses, a psychological evaluation, and 200 hours of community service. He is also to avoid any illegal drugs and any contact with his wife. If Ozuna meets these obligations, his charges will be dismissed. His attorney, Michael LaScala, said the resolution was “fair” for both the state and Ozuna.

Ozuna had not played for the Braves since dislocating two of his fingers on May 25th. He still faces a potential suspension from Major League Baseball.

Ozuna’s next court date is scheduled for January 13th.

Author: Jacob Gordan, @cantguardjake