Major League Baseball To Voluntarily Accept The Unionization Of Minor League Players

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Kansas City Royals
Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

MLB’s Mark Feinsand reports that Major League Baseball is ready to accept the union of Minor League players. The process to unionize the minor leaguers was started by the Major League Baseball Players Association. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred stated to MLBPA that the league was prepared to “execute an agreement on voluntary recognition” and that they were currently working on the language in regards to new rules for the upcoming 2023 MLB season.

The MLBPA reportedly informed the MLB that it had obtained more than 5,000 signed authorization cards from players with Minor League contracts. Declining to accept the union would’ve likely resulted in the MLBPA going to the National Labor Relations Board to host an authorization election, according to Feinsand.

The MLBPA represents Minor League players that are currently a part of 40-man rosters. With the acceptance of the union, all Minor League players will be given the option to join. The MLBPA is planning to form a separate bargaining unit for the Minor League players. The bargaining unit will include player representatives, an executive board, and require dues.

In 2021, Major League Baseball had raised the minimum salaries for the Minor League players. The league also had begun requiring for teams to provide housing in 2022 for majority of the Minor Leaguers.

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