Judge Rules In Favor Of Trevor Bauer’s Accuser In Latest Court Appearance

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Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Bauer‘s legal battle against his accuser has taken a new turn. According to recent reports, a judge made two rulings in favor of the woman that is accusing the Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher of sexual assault. U.S. District Court Judge James Selna not only ruled that the accuser is allowed to continue with her suit against Bauer, but also dismissed the pitcher’s defamation suit against one of the accuser’s attorneys. Bauer is now court ordered to pay the legal fees of the former attorney.

Bauer and his attorney initially requested to have his accuser Lindsey Hill’s countersuit dismissed. The pitcher released a statement on September 14th saying that he filed a motion to dismiss Hill’s counterclaim in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Bauer also filed a defamation lawsuit against Hill, claiming she lied about the alleged sexual assault and doctored photos of her alleged injuries.

According to Bauer’s lawsuit, Hill ‘fabricated allegations of sexual assault’ to create a ‘media blitz’ and ‘extract millions of dollars’ from Bauer. The filing said ‘the damage to Mr. Bauer has been extreme.’ Hill accused Bauer of choking her, punching her and sodomizing her. He denied the allegations.

Furthermore, in his defense, Bauer retweeted a video that showed Bauer asleep next to the alleged victim, who was smiling. Bauer wrote, “This was taken hours after I supposedly brutally assaulted this woman, when she claims she was terrified and desperate to get out of my house and in tremendous pain.”

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