Jerry Jones Is Committed To Recruiting Odell Beckham Jr. Following Airplane Incident

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the recent airplane incident involving free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he and the team remain committed to attempting to recruit the player to their team. Cowboys Executive Vice President Stephen Jones told the media that they have monitored the incident with Beckham, and have thoroughly collected information on the matter.

The wide receiver reportedly was kicked off of a flight on Sunday after he was spotted allegedly slipping “in and out of consciousness,” according to a flight attendant. However, Beckham’s attorney Daniel Davilier issued a statement claiming that his client was simply asleep and that the situation spiraled out of control because of an over reactive flight attendant who feared for Beckham’s health.

“His overall team compatibility, his judgment, his behavior is not an issue with him. It is with many but not with him,” Jerry Jones said.

The owner spoke candidly about how important it was for the receiver to help make an impact on the Cowboys this season, rather than 2023. With the postseason in the Cowboys’ sights, Jones wants to take advantage of the talent currently on the team’s roster. He believes that Beckham adds another dimension that can potentially take the team to this year’s Super Bowl in Arizona.

“It’s very important, the things we do to have him impact this year,” Jones said. “This year has to be a big part of it. Now this year, of course, we have six regular-season games and the playoffs [left]. We have in my mind almost a whole show ahead of us. We’ve got to have a situation where he can really contribute now.”

Quarterback Dak Prescott has done his part in attempting to sway the free agent’s interest and recently said that he has been in constant contact with Beckham, making several attempts to recruit him.

Jones recently come under fire on social media after a photo from 1957 surfaced showing him at a protest in Little Rock, Arkansas. According to a story published by The Washington Post, Jones was spotted in a photo among a group of people allegedly attempting to stop the desegregation of Little Rock High School on September 9, 1957. Jones denied the allegations and said he was merely there at that time due to curiosity over the events unfolding and didn’t fully grasp what was going on as a fourteen-year-old.

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