Head Coach Brent Venables Backs Cale Gundy Resignation After Gundy Says ‘Racially Charged Word’ Multiple Times

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday night, Oklahoma’s longest-tenured coach, Cale Gundy, resigned from the team after he reportedly read aloud an offensive racially charged word. Gundy issued a written statement then posted it to his Twitter account stating that he was “horrified” after he realized what he was reading.

“I want to be very clear: the words I read aloud from that screen were not my words. What I said was not malicious; it wasn’t even intentional,” Gundy wrote. “Still, I am mature enough to know that the word I said was shameful and hurtful, no matter my intentions.”

On Monday, Head Coach Brent Venables issued a statement claiming that Gundy had not told the entire story of the alleged incident.

“Coach Gundy resigned from the program because he knows what he did was wrong. He chose to read aloud to his players, not once but multiple times, a racially charged word that is objectionable to everyone, and does not reflect the attitude and values of our university or our football program. This is not acceptable. Period. Coach Gundy did the right thing in resigning. He knows our goals for excellence and that coaches have special responsibilities to set an example.”

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