Hall Of Fame QB Brett Farve Questioned By The FBI In Mississippi Welfare Funds Scandal

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Ken Ruinard/ Staff,

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Farve was questioned by the FBI in relation to the welfare money scandal in Mississippi, according to his attorney Bud Holmes. Former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is accused of allegedly paying Farve $1.1 million in federal welfare funds in both 2017 and 2018 to give motivational speeches. The $70 million the state received from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program was originally meant to help needy families. Farve was demanded to repay the money, plus interest, by the Mississippi state auditor.

Among those also accused of being paid in federal welfare funds are former WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr., former Oklahoma running back Marcus Dupree, and fitness trainer Paul LaCoste. DiBiase was allegedly paid $3.9 million to also serve as a motivational speaker. NBC News reports that LaCoste and Dupree were paid a combined $670,000. The auditor calls the misspending Mississippi’s federal welfare funds the “largest public corruption case in the past two decades”.

Favre has reportedly repaid the fees, but not the $228,000 interest fee that the auditor also demanded. Holmes stated that this welfare fraud case has been following his client for more than two years, according to Ken Dilanian and Laura Strickler of NBC News. Farve is currently not faced with any criminal charges, and has claimed that he was not aware the money he was paid came from welfare funds.

The 52-year-old enjoyed a successful career in the NFL after 20 seasons, making approximately $140 million in salary alone as an NFL quarterback. Farve has amassed multiple accolades including becoming a Super Bowl Champion, a 3x All-Pro, a 3x NFL MVP, and a 11x Pro Bowler. Farve has played for the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Flacons, New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings.

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