Gavin Newsom Threatens Legal Action Over UCLA’s 2024 Move To Big-Ten Conference

Syndication: Visalia Times-Delta
Ron Holman / Visalia Times-Delta / USA TODAY NETWORK

UCLA’s decision to transfer out of the Pac-12 conference, and over to the Big 10 conference, has not been well received by California Governor Gavin Newsom. In a recent interview with Fox 11 news in Los Angeles, Newsom alleged that the decision was “done in isolation” and made without prior knowledge.

“I read about it (is how I found out). No big deal. I’m the governor of the state of California. But maybe a bigger deal is that I’m the chair of the UC Board of Regents. I read about it. Is it a good idea? Did we have a chance to discuss the merits (of the decision)? I’m not aware anyone did. So it was done in isolation. It was done without regental oversight or support. It was done without any consideration to my knowledge.”

Newsom also stated that the Board of Regents have already begun looking into potential legal options. “We are already looking into it within (and have been) minutes after reading about this in the newspaper.”

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