Former Quarterback Michael Vick Sued By Creditors For Alleged $1.2 Million Debt

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick has not had the easiest life, financially, after retiring from the game of football. From two separate lawsuits in 2017, one of which he paid over $26,000, to another lawsuit in 2018. During that year, Vick had allegedly failed to pay back a $400,000 loan he had received. At the time, the court judge issued a $1.9 million verdict. Now, the former quarterback could once again be on his way back to a court room for another alleged sum of debt.

A group of creditors have gone straight to Broward County circuit court in hopes of forcing him to pay $1.2 million in debt that Vick allegedly owes. Lawyers of these creditors have issued subpoenas for not only the 42-year old, but also his family. Arthur Jones, Vick’s lawyer, had this to say in an issued statement, “Michael Vick takes these matters seriously and is aware of the proceedings and will be sure that all parties who are entitled to receive payment will be paid.”

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