Former Olympic Boxer Azea Augustama Arrested In Miami For Allegedly Threatening A Mass Shooting

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A former Olympic boxer is facing three felony charges after being arrested and placed on a $3 million bond on Thursday, according to TMZ. Boxer Azea Augustama was arrested in Miami, Florida for allegedly threatening to commit a mass shooting at a Miami gym.

Augustama’s membership to the Miami’s Boxr gym reportedly was revoked earlier this November due to an alleged verbal confrontation between Augustama and another individual, according to an affidavit. Officials say that Augustama posted multiple threats on Instagram, even tagging the Miami’s Boxr gym, after he attempted to return to the premises.

Augustama returned to the gym with a police escort in order to retrieve some items that he’d left behind, but those items turned up missing. Later on, one of the alleged Instagram posts included a picture showing a receipt for an AK-47.

The Instagram post was deleted shortly after, but local authorities had already been promptly notified. After further investigation, police discovered that Augustama made a down payment of $150 as a deposit for an AK-47 at a pawn shop.

The boxer was quickly taken into custody and now faces three felony charges, including two counts of issuing written threats to commit a mass shooting and one count of threatening to kill or do bodily harm.

Augustama is a Haitian boxer who qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games at light-heavyweight through a bronze medal finish at the second Americas qualifier. The boxer was defeated in the first round of the match, in which he was pitted against Brazil’s Washington Silvia.

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