Former NBA Player Ben Gordon Charged With Misdemeanor Assault In Relation To 2020 Case

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According to TMZ, Ben Gordon was arrested again on Wednesday, shortly after making bail on another case. The second arrest is in relation to a 2020 assault case that occurred in Manhattan.

A background check was reportedly done by the New York City Police Department after Gordon was arrested and acccused of striking his son at an airport. It was during that check that police reportedly discovered that Gordon had another open case for misdemeanor assault.

The alleged incident took place in March 2020. Gordon is accused of becoming involved in a heated, verbal altercation with a female friend that allegedly turned physical. The woman filed a police report after she suffered pain & swelling to her finger and eye. The case has since remained open. Gordon’s attorney Joshua Kirschner denies any wrongdoing by his client, believing that the former star player will be cleared of all charges at the conclusion of the investigation.

This is not the only legal case involving Gordon. The former player is also facing assault charges for allegedly striking his son in the face multiple times while at an airport on Monday. Officials say that the child has a restraining order against Gordon, meaning that Gordon could pick up an additional charge if he violated that order. Police say that Gordon resisted arrest when they attempted to place him under arrest. Two officers were reportedly injured amid the incident but no details have been released on the nature of their injuries.

Gordon’s criminal history goes further back. In 2017, the 39-year-old was accused of pulling a fire alarm in an apartment building while having some sort of episode. Five months later, Gordon was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with another man in an apartment building and accused of leaving the scene with thousands of dollars of the victim’s money. Gordon was then charged with felony robbery after being taken into custody at a nearby station. His bail was set at $50,000.

In October 2017, Gordon was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation as a result of a violent standoff between he and a woman at his gym in New York. Gordon’s girlfriend reportedly told police that Gordon had locked her in the gym, and was going berserk with a knife. The player was later found inside one of the restrooms, and quickly taken into custody.

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