Fernando Tatis Sr. Calls MLB’s Suspension Of His Son A “Total Disappointment For Dominican Fans” & Blames It On A Haircut

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Fernando Tatis Sr., the father of Padres’ Tatis Jr., claims that the reason his son was suspended for 80-days began with a haircut. Tatis Sr. was interviewed by The Midday Show, where he explained the chain of events that led up to his son testing positive for PEDs, claiming it was due to a haircut that led to a ringworm infection.

“What involves him (Tatis Jr.) is a steroid that contains a spray called trofobol… He got a fungus due to a haircut. His mistake was not reading what it contains, which is what apparently makes him guilty of something totally unknown.”

Tatis Sr. claims that Tatis Jr. used the medication Trofobol to treat a ringworm that appeared on the side of his neck after the haircut. Trofobol contains clostebol, which is also the anabolic steroid that Tatis Jr. tested positive for. The medication is reportedly not sold in the United States.

Tatis Jr.’s 80-game suspension by Major League Baseball is without pay. The Padres issued a statement following the announcement of the suspension.

“We were surprised and extremely disappointed to learn today that Fernando Tatis Jr. tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance in violation of Major League Baseball’s Joint Prevention and Treatment Program and subsequently received an 80-game suspension without pay. We fully support the program and are hopeful that Fernando will learn from his experience.”

The shortstop issued a statement in response to his suspension, claiming that he was “completely devastated” and has never before tested positive for drugs throughout his entire professional career.

Tatis Sr. later stated that the suspension of his son is a “total disappointment for Dominican fans” and fans throughout the world.

“There are millions of fans who are gonna stop watching baseball now. It’s a total disappointment for Dominican fans, fans throughout the world, for something so insignificant that wasn’t worth it. It’s a topical….What came out positive in Jr.’s body is something that doesn’t give you strength, first of all, doesn’t amplify your [weight-training] regimen, that’s second, doesn’t have any testosterone, that’s third, doesn’t contain absolutely anything that would give you an edge in the game. What has occurred is a catastrophe for baseball.”

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