Dolphins Call Brian Flores’ Assertion Of An NDA ‘False,’ Flores Attorney Responds With Proof

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Brian Flores has been on record saying that the Dolphins’ owner, Stephen Ross, wanted him to sign an NDA to release the club of any lawsuit following his termination.

The claim was disputed by the Dolphins in a statement.

“This latest assertion by Brian Flores that Steve Ross mentioned an NDA to him is categorically false,” the Dolphins said.

“This just did not happen and we simply cannot understand why Brian continues this pattern of making unfounded statements that he knows are untrue. We are fully cooperating with the NFL investigation and look forward to all of the facts coming out which we are confident will prove that his claims are false and defamatory.”

Flores reportedly lost out on millions from accrued benefits and compensation by not signing those NDA’s.

Today, Doug Wigdor, Flores’ attorney, responded to the Dolphins denial with screenshots from the draft agreement & payment termination notice. Tweet is below.

While on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO, Flores said that he was questioned by Miami owner Stephen Ross about signing an NDA, but declined it as he felt it would have “really silenced me.”

Flores’ attorney John Elefterakis told Gumbel,”It was millions of dollars.”

When asked about getting the senior defensive assistant and linebackers coaching position with the Steelers, Flores said, “I’m a very capable coach in this league. But I do feel like he saw a situation where there was a very experienced coach who could help his staff, who was also a Black coach in the league. And I think that kind of speaks to what we’re talking about.”

Flores is suing the NFL and numerous clubs, including the Dolphins, for alleged racial discrimination in the league’s hiring policies, among other allegations.

Flores also told Gumbel that he has not spoken with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick since their text message exchange leaked. In the texts, Belichick accidentally congratulated Flores on the New York Giants job.

“There’s potential that we could run into each other,” Flores said. “I mean I’d be open to a conversation.”

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