Deshaun Watson Speaks With Media For First Time In A Year

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Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Deshaun Watson spoke with the media shortly after his deposition ended on Friday. In the same day, a grand jury declined to indict him on criminal charges relating to allegations of sexual assault.

In his opening statement, Watson said, “I’m going to keep fighting to rebuild my name and rebuild my appearance in the community. We’re going to continue to, on the legal side, off the field, handle what we need to handle, but also ready to get back on the field.”

When asked if he’s heard from the NFL or the Texans since the grand jury decision on Friday, Watson said, “Personally, I have not.” Watson then forwarded the question to his agent, David Mulugheta.

Watson was also asked about fans he may have lost during the trial, which he answered, “That’s part of life. You hear things and that’s the way of social media and things happen in today’s world. I still love my fans, even the ones that believed the other side or whatnot. But at the same time, things happen for a reason and people are entitled to their own opinions. But today justice was served for us.”

When asked for Watson’s side of the story, Watson’s attorney, Hardin, stepped in and said “He’s not going to… we’ll do that in the civil (depositions)… this is not the place to do it.”

Watson only answered a few questions before heading back inside. You can hear his opening statement below.

Deshaun Watson was deposed by Tony Buzbee for nearly three hours on Friday and exercised his Fifth Amendment right throughout, according to Hardin. “We had a meaningless exercise. I warned Tony that Deshaun wasn’t going to answer any questions on advice of counsel,” Hardin said.