Deshaun Watson Faces Additional Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct In New Suit

Syndication: USA TODAY

With Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson being approximately halfway through with his suspension, another lawsuit against the quarterback has been filed that may put a damper on his plans to return to playing football. Another woman, proceeding under the “Jane Doe” pseudonym, has filed a lawsuit against the quarterback in Harris County District Court on Thursday. The woman alleges that Watson pressured her into performing oral sex when meeting up to give the player a massage.

The alleged incident took place in December 2020, and is said to be separate from the multiple suits filed in Houston, Texas. Unlike the others, attorney Tony Buzbee is not representing the plaintiff this time. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports that the lawyer taking on this case is Anissah M. Nguyen. The attorney spoke publicly saying that her client “has been struggling with everything. It’s taken her some time to come forward. She’s doing it for herself and other women who have been victimized by Deshaun Watson.”

Nguyen acknowledged that by speaking out her client will be required to endure some difficult conversations. They are seeking a swift and “just” ruling to the case, she said. Watson took the first step towards returning to football on October 10th, when he was cleared to return to the Brown’s practice facility.  The quarterback isn’t permitted to participate in team practices as of yet, but he is allowed to attend meetings. Additionally, Watson is permitted to meet with non-football staff members, as well as Head Coach Kevin Stefanski.

Watson will be eligible to return to active status on November 28th with his first game being against his former team, the Houston Texans. Watson’s eleven-game suspension comes as the result of alleged sexual misconduct against several women. The National Football League’s investigation revealed Watson had been accused civilly by more than twenty women for sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions Watson sought out. Of those women, only ten of them officially filed a complaint with police.

The league decided to proceed with its own investigation, despite two grand juries recommending that charges should not be brought against Watson. As a result, Watson was initially suspended six games by the league’s designated disciplinary officer, Judge Sue L. Robinson. However, the league wanted to impose a longer suspension on Watson. The NFL wanted a one-year indefinite suspension. Ultimately, both parties came to a compromise and settled on eleven games. In addition to the suspension, Watson was fined $5 million.

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