Grand Jury In Brazoria County Considering Whether To Recommend Criminal Charge Against Deshaun Watson

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Another Texas Grand Jury is reportedly examining another criminal complaint against Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Deshaun Watson. This comes just days after a Houston Grand Jury in Harris County decided not to recommend charges on nine other criminal allegations against Watson.

A Grand Jury in Brazoria County is examining one last criminal complaint made against the former Texans QB, according to the New York Times. The Times says this complaint was made by a woman who alleges Watson committed a sexual act on her person during a massage in November 2020, according to lawyer Tony Buzbee.

According to Buzbee, a decision will be made either today or tomorrow. Watson’s attorney previously told LOJ’s Founder that the criminal side of things was done and no-one would touch the 10th criminal complaint. Watson began testifying during depositions in his civil litigation which involves allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment by at least twenty women. He had previously pled the Fifth Amendment when he believed there were criminal allegations that were outstanding.

NYTimes has more here.