Dan Snyder Mocked After His Rep Questions Why Attorney General Is Spending More Time On Snyder Than Brian Robinson Jr. Shooting

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On Thursday, Attorney General Karl Racine announced he is suing the Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder and The NFL on behalf of D.C. residents, claiming the league and team owner colluded to lie to the public.

Racine says the alleged deception by the parties revolved around covering up findings of an investigation by the league into the Commanders’ formerly toxic workplace, according to court documents.

Wednesday, Racine teased the announcement, to the press calling it “major” news. Prior to Racine’s press conference, Dan Snyder’s team issued a statement, questioning why the Attorney General wasn’t more focused on violent crime in D.C. including an investigation centering around the shooting of Commanders player Brian Robinson Jr.

“Less than three months ago, a 23-year-old player on our team was shot multiple times, in broad daylight. Despite the out-of-control violent crime in D.C., today the Washington Commanders learned for the first time on Twitter that the D.C. Attorney General will be holding a press conference to ‘make a major announcement’ related to the organization tomorrow.”

The statement continued, “The Commanders have fully cooperated with the AG’s investigation for nearly a year. As recently as Monday, a lawyer for the team met with the AG who did not suggest at the time that he intended to take any action and, in fact, revealed fundamental misunderstandings of underlying facts. It is unfortunate that, in his final days in office, Mr. Racine appears more interested in making splashy headlines, based on offbeat legal theories, rather than doing the hard work of making the streets safe for our citizens, including bringing to justice the people who shot one of our players.”

The use of Robinson’s name in a statement addressing the investigation of Snyder was widely mocked on social media by commentators and even NFL fans.

Robinson suffered non-life threatening injuries to his lower extremities after being shot multiple times in an attempted carjacking. The rookie initially had his wounds treated at the scene by paramedics before being transported to a local hospital. Robinson’s agent, Ryan Williams, found the use of his client in the statement to be tasteless. Williams voiced his displeasure to the individual responsible for the team statement.

“Up until an hour ago, the Commanders handled the Brian Robinson situation with so much care, sincerity and class. And I was so grateful for all of it. Although I know that there are some great humans in that building, whoever is hiding behind this statement is not one of them.”

The Washington D.C Metropolitan Police Department recently announced that two juvenile males have been arrested, and are believed to be connected to the Robinson shooting. The suspects, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, have both been charged with assault with an intent to rob while armed (gun) after being taken into custody.

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