D.C Attorney General Will Make Major Announcement Regarding Investigation Into Commanders Tomorrow

NFL: Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

According to Sports Anchor Scott Abraham, Washington D.C Attorney General Karl Racine has announced that a press conference will be held tomorrow in relation to the Washington Commanders. The presser says the Attorney General plans to make a “major announcement.” The conference will reportedly take place at noon (eastern time). Racine will also host a follow-up press event later in the afternoon.

The Attorney General has been leading an investigation into the Commanders and team owner Dan Snyder allegedly regarding allegations of sexual harassment and possibly financial impropriety as well. On October 18th, it was announced that Racine’s investigation would soon be reaching its conclusion and that Racine intends to charge ahead once it’s done.

A source reportedly told The Washington Post that the Commanders, Snyder, and the National Football League will “soon face accountability for their actions,” and that dodging subpoenas & avoiding testifying will no longer be an option for Snyder, according to the unnamed person who spoke on condition of anonymity. Additionally, a statement was included from Lisa Banks, the legal representative for more than 40 former Washington Commanders staff employees.

“Many of my clients participated in this investigation, which appeared to be wide-ranging and thorough,” Banks said. “We eagerly await next steps from the D.C. Attorney General—hopefully he will succeed where the NFL has failed in ensuring accountability for two decades of sexual misconduct.”

The NFL is still conducting its own investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against Snyder by a former team cheerleader. That investigation is being led by Mary Jo White, who also investigated allegations against former Carolina Panthers team owner Jerry Richardson, who later sold the team.

The Washington Commanders were initially investigated by the NFL and the team was fined $10 million dollars after findings of a toxic workplace where sexual harassment occurred frequently. The investigation also led to the discovery of offensive emails sent by former Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden, who resigned shortly after they were leaked. Gruden is now suing the NFL, claiming he was targeted as a “fall guy” to distract from the controversies surrounding the Commanders. The initial Commanders investigation by the league also turned up hundreds of thousands of internal emails but few have been made public outside of the Gruden emails. There has been an outcry by former Commanders employees who wanted transparency around the first NFL investigation and want to see a final report of the findings.

Congress later stepped in demanding the NFL “release the report” and conducted its own investigation. The league and team handed over hundreds of thousands of pages of documents to a Congressional Committee and dozens of former employees were questioned about their experiences with the team. The Committee also questioned Daniel Snyder for several hours as well as Commissioner Roger Goodell. Congressional representatives have said they handed information over to the Attorney General to investigate whether there should be civil or criminal charges. The announcement tomorrow should bring clarity regarding the results of that investigation and whether Snyder or any other members of the team or league engaged in legally actionable or illegal conduct.

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