Crowd Chants ‘No Means No’ as Deshaun Watson Returns to Field”

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars
Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson made his preseason debut on Friday night against the Jaguars while awaiting his official suspension as the NFL is appealing his original 6-game suspension.

Since the appeal from the NFL is still ongoing, he is allowed to play in the preseason with his new team. Watson only completed one of his 5 passes and it went for 7 yards.

This was the first time Watson played in an NFL game since January of 2o21 with the Houston Texans. As Watson was taking the field he encountered angry chants from Jaguars fans. Browns Head Coach Kevan Stefanski thought Watson looked nervous.

“I think he probably wants some throws back,” Stefanski said. “Obviously playing football for the first time in a while, I thought it was important for him to get out there with his teammates in this scheme. I’m sure he had the butterflies and the jitters early. But I think he understands what he’s working through.”

Watson was accused of sexual misconduct by 24 women. Watson settled almost all of the lawsuits and two grand juries decided not to recommend charges against him. Then, former judge and disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson made the original sentence of a 6-game suspension for violating NFL’s personal conduct policy. The NFL has appealed this ruling and are looking for at least a full 1-year suspension.

If Watson does serve his original 6 game suspension, the next time he would take the field for the Browns would be in Baltimore against the Ravens on October 23rd.

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