Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Will Fight Ruling That He Must Take Paternity Test

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will have to take a paternity test, according to a new ruling by a Texas judge. The paternity case was filed in April by Alexandra Davis who claims Jones is her biological father. The 26-year-old woman requested Jones submit to genetic testing to get to the bottom of the dispute and the judge agreed on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

Jones denies that he is Alexandra’s father and will appeal the ruling that he has to take a paternity test, according to court documents.

Davis dropped a prior case against Jones back in April. Davis had previously tried to void an agreement from 1998 between her mother and Jones which allegedly dictated that Jones would financially support Davis and her mother if they did not publicly claim that Jones was Alexandra’s father.

Under the agreement Davis would allegedly receive monthly, annual and special funding until the age of 21.

Jones has been married since 1963 and has three children with his wife, Gene. The children all work for the Cowboys organization.