Commanders Owner Dan Snyder To Testify Before U.S Congress Voluntarily

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

According to a spokesperson of the House Oversight Committee, Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder will testify before the U.S Congress via Zoom call voluntarily on Thursday. The team franchise is under investigation in regards to the workplace culture. Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney initially wanted for Snyder to testify under a subpoena, but have since agreed to allow him to do so voluntarily.

Snyder will be interviewed regarding the House’s preliminary findings of its nine-month investigation of allegations of widespread sexual harassment in the NFL team’s workplace. Maloney filed a notice of deposition late Monday night with the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, as per requirement.

“The Committee’s deposition of Mr. Snyder will go forward today. Mr. Snyder has committed to providing full and complete testimony, and to answer the Committee’s questions about his knowledge of and contributions to the Commanders’ toxic work environment, as well as his efforts to interfere with the NFL’s internal investigation, without hiding behind non-disclosure or other confidentiality agreements. Should Mr. Snyder fail to honor his commitments, the Committee is prepare to compel his testimony on any unanswered questions upon his return to the United States.”

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