Jury Says Antonio Brown Must Pay $1.2 Million To Truck Driver in Assault Case

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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown is required to pay $1.2 million to Anton Tumanov, per the ruling of a jury in Broward County. Tumanov is a moving truck driver. The alleged incident occurred in 2020. Tumanov claimed Brown assaulted him in February 2020 when he was attempting to make a delivery to Brown’s home in Florida. Tumanov filed a lawsuit against Brown later in May and reportedly went to the police to file a police report after the incident.

Brown later faced three criminal charges. The plaintiff was reportedly represented by two lawyers, attorneys Jeffrey R. Davis of Jeffrey R. Davis P.A. and Michael Lotto of the Ward Law Group. Tumanov not only claimed to have suffered “severe bodily injuries” at the hands of Brown, but also claimed the defendant damaged his vehicle in the incident.

The jury verdict of $1.2 million reportedly includes $407,000 for Tumanov’s past and future medical expenses, and $793,000 for past and future pain and suffering. This is not the only legal case Brown may have to financially answer for in Broward county. Florida native Ryan Kane reportedly filed a lawsuit against the free agent wide receiver in Broward county.

Kane claims Brown sold him a fake Richard Millie watch for $160,000 back in July. Kane also claims that Brown knew beforehand that the watch was not only fake but also was worth well below the sales price. The receiver is accused of having assured Kane that the alleged RM 011 watch was not only real, but also had a value of over $400,000.

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